Upholders of Tradition

Back in 1825, British Army officers stationed in India combined quinine, sugar and water in an attempt to create a daily tonic to act as a malaria prophylaxis. Gin was later added to the mix to mask the strong and bitter taste of the quinine water.

189 years on, the quintessential gin and tonic has come a very long way. But not necessarily in a good way. The overly sweet citric acid soft drinks of our time have replaced genuine, traditional tonic water. These modern drinks completely mask the herbaceous aromas of premium gin and other spirits, manipulating the role that tonic water now plays in modern mixology.

The most discerning patrons and barmen are demanding superior quality beverages to complement premium spirits.


That’s why East Imperial is a collection curated like no other, with unparalleled quality and taste. After all, you wouldn’t put cheap, low quality tyres on an Aston Martin.

East Imperial’s collection is led by our Old World Tonic Water. This signature beverage aims to put the heritage, integrity and authenticity of original tonic water back into your tumbler.

Inspired by a 1903 recipe, East Imperial Tonic Waters are small batched and blended using all natural Asian sourced ingredients, New Zealand artesian spring water and a cold filled process. This traditional method of production ensures that the freshness and the subtleties of the botanicals are protected, taking tonic water back to its origins.


The finest gins and other spirits are painstakingly crafted and small batch blended by artisanal distillers who use the most subtle herbal notes, intricate recipes and skilful distillation. It’s a real shame when all that hard work and exquisite flavour is crushed by those mass market mixers. In fact, it’s more than just a shame. It’s a travesty.

That’s why East Imperial Tonic Waters let the gin do the talking, not the other way around.

The ultimate complement to premium spirits.


It is the only way that one is able to experience everything from the strong front end juniper notes on traditional dry London gins to the complex herbaceous floral notes of the new American and European brands, lovely things no gin connoisseur would want to miss (understandably, of course). Because when you’re enjoying the world’s most premium gin, you definitely don’t want to taste sugary, inferior tonic.

The Finest Blend of Ingredients


At East Imperial, tradition and quality are particularly important. All of our products are made using only the purest ingredients sustainably sourced from Asia and East Africa, home of the original tonic water.

The hand picked cinchona that we use originated from the very same Java, Indonesia plantation that was used to supply one of the founder’s great grandfathers at his Kenya plantation in 1903. Of course the lineage alone is impressive, but did you know it takes seven years for our cinchona trees to grow, and the scraping, air drying, smoking and processing takes a further seventeen days?

That’s what it takes to put the finest tonic water in your tumbler. With only 30 calories per serve, this is not a soft drink, but a tonic water. We use all natural ingredients with no artificial flavours, sweeteners or preservatives. This practice provides the best tasting product with the added benefit of being good for you.

Champagne-like carbonation


We’ve spent a lot of time researching and refining the bubbles in the range. It is no coincidence that our bottles are similar to those designed for champagne.

We’ve gone for champagne-like carbonation at levels higher than any soft drink, allowing for the right balance of bubble size, longevity, softness and quantity.

An important point worth noting with our Imperial Tonic Water: This is an all natural product that does not have high levels of citric acid, sugar or any other preservatives that are used in competitor products to enhance their carbonation artificially. So carbonation with our tonic can feel a little different, but this allows the freedom for a true craftsman to accentuate with additional natural citrus juices and syrups.

Once again, this is a true natural tonic water.

  • "The only tonic on the planet I’ve ever truly loved. Makes me reconsider the whole G&T thing."
    Jeffrey Kluger
    Author & Senior Editor - Time Magazine
  • "The best tonic water ever."
    Jim Meehan
    Author & Founder of PDT, NY
  • "You think you know what a good G&T is when you select your fancy gin.
    What about the ‘T’ part?
    Fret not my good friends. As now there is a product that will take the world by storm."
    Michael Callahan
    Owner HKS 28, Singapore

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