Upholders of Tradition

Cast your mind back nearly 400 years and imagine a world where the mosquito is a respected and feared enemy. It kills millions every year, no one is immune to the malaria it spreads, it is unwavering, relentless, random and unbiased in choosing its victims.  Humanity’s deadliest enemy is the humble mosquito.

Imagine then the revelation of the chance discovery of quinine as a proven treatment, derived from the bark of the cinchona tree. An incredible, and not very well known fact is that the treatment of malaria with quinine marked the first successful use of a chemical compound to treat an infectious disease.
A watershed moment for human civilization.

The essential ingredient in tonic water is quinine, it’s helped world leaders win wars and paved the way for the global expansion of faraway lands. Your humble tonic water; who would’ve thought that something so understated and so common nowadays could be steeped in so much history, pioneering spirit, botanical discoveries, political power, commerce, espionage and treachery?

East Imperial is the culmination of this rich history. We’re inspired and dedicated to the explorers and the botanical discoveries they made all those years ago. The heroes, villains and characters that we should all afford a raised glass to next time we enjoy our G&T.

To be honest, we’re a little obsessed with it all, and we now want to share the incredible story with you. The backdrop that set the stage for East Imperial and touches all aspects of what we do today; our name, philosophy, and the optimism we share with our pioneering forefathers.

East Imperial is a premium mark that is returning the heritage, authenticity and tradition back to a line of beverages that define an era of discovery and exploration. Our obsession is simply to be - the ultimate complement to premium spirits.

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